Friday, August 31, 2012

Primary Colors (Gobbi) Mobile with a New look!

I was playing with this idea for a while. I love introducing new items to my shop in FALL. This FALL I am introducing my newest mobile Primary Colors (Gobbi) Mobile. 
I decided to continue with the Gobbi Mobile style using primary colors. I experimented this and gave away  few as gifts and the new moms LOVED it. I hope you will like this new mobile as much as I did making it. I had fun creating this. 
Now, here is something to keep in your mind. This is not in the A-I training, this is something I experimented and fell in LOVE with. 
This is a simple mobile and its goal is to introduce the primary colors to your baby. It adds a fun element to your nursery. I decided to hang all three balls to the same length.
This can be hung about 13 -14 inches above your baby for kicking and bating. I am sure this will amuse your baby’s interest and intellect. This item is made with the same materials which was use to make the Gobbi Mobile. 

Thank you for stopping by.
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