Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gobbi with a Spin on Munari...


This is the Gobbi mobile with a twist of Munari mobile. I always wanted to make the Munari mobile and this idea came to me that I want to make  the Gobbi mobile by incorporating the Munari. This is the birth to a sequel of Munaries. 

The best satisfaction I got making this was a mother from Australia ordered this item, and out of curiosity I reached out to her, and inquired what her thought about this new product.  

She did answer me back, and that answer aided me to explore more on this idea of incorperating the colors of Munari into the Gobbi Mobile.

The mom wrote to me, and explained that her daughter enjoys the mobile very much. However, there was more to this story, and it was clear that her daughter had a problem with her sight but enjoys the mobile a lot. The bright colors did atracted her and she continued to track the mobile with interest and would smiles a lot. 

I was happy, I was able to aid a new born with a challenge, but for sure I know this is going to be a great mobile for newborns.