This is a place I enjoy creating Montessori Materials for modern nurseries for new moms. I am a Montessori Teacher with a passion for Art. I enjoy creating beautiful simple places for little ones to grow, explore and develop their senses.

Topponcino & More is a place you will find traditional infant Montessori Material with a unique and a distinctive touch. I offer the original topponcino in its original form. I do offer the traditional white topponcino covers. Additionally I offer the topponcino with modern fabric from independent designers and try to promote mostly made in the U.S.A. fabrics.

I add uniqueness to my products by creating uniform yet a subtle variety by mixing and matching fabrics. I believe in the theory of “keeping it simple” however I love to offer choices for you as well as for your newborn to create and have a beautiful place grow into.

I love to incorporate the colors of the environment to your newborns bibs, hats, and blankets. This does adds a subtle uniform with a unique touch of variety.

I do take custom orders with designer fabrics of your choice. You can add uniqueness to your newborns environment by creating items uniformly, orderly or add variety.