Sunday, December 1, 2013

Working - Stocking

I have spent more than decade listening to this word stocking in my household, but this word has a total different meaning to me now as a shop owner. I am the stocker in my shop. I can pick my hours  to stock my store. 

Over the past three years I have learned the art of stocking a small shop which I have created. Intially, I bought few yards, then couple of more yards, and currently I am buying fabric in bolts due to the demand. I am greatful for my customers. 

All these bolts are waiting to be cut and sew into topponcino covers. I will be spending every break I get to stock the store. 

Planning to continuing same colors with regard to flannels.   This spring I am plannig to introduc a new color, but without the eyelet (lace around the cover). I am excited about this new cover it is still in its primary stage.