Monday, December 19, 2011

Introducing Mobiles

I am excited to introduce my first mobile to the ETSY Shop. I wanted to create mobiles from my Montessori training. The must have characteristics of mobiles are they need to have a simple form, objective, realistic, and factual. (The Montessori philosophy believe offering the child correct information of the world)

This is one of the mobiles in the training I had joy in making. Mainly I like it the child gets to revisit this concept in (3-6) environment through the color tablets. The main goal of this mobile is to offer the shades of color to your newborn.

This mobile is named GOBBI and it is made by hand using embroidery floss. It’s subtle sheen adds a warmth to your newborns movement area and the gradation of the colors are very pleasing to adults and as well as to newborns eye. This can be custom made to your nursery color scheme. Below are few common questions that rises up when offering a mobile to an infant.

When should I offer a mobile to my newborn?
Ideally when your newborn is around 2-3 months.

Where can hang it?
If you have create a movement area for your newborn it is the correct place to hang the mobiles. You can insert a hook to the ceiling and have a fishing line hang off of it with another small hook so you can interchange the mobiles with convenience. When not in use move it out of the way. This can be achieved by hanging another smaller hook on the wall if you wish.

How far from the newborn I should hang the mobile?
Since this is a visual mobile, should be hung not very far from the newborn. Not farther than 12-13 cm.

Do I need to change them?
The more stimulation you offer to your newborn the better but in small quantities. Keep it simple to grasp the theory to your newborn.

When should I wean a mobile from the nursery?
Let your newborn guide through this, Your newborn will let you know as they acquire new skills. Observation is a key factor at this point.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's Talk

Today I want to discuss an important topic which is language development and your newborn. Wiring of language happens before the process of birth. There have been so many researches performed on this fact. Check here

Before birth your infant can tune in to your melody of voice. And over the next six years your infants brain will set up circuitry needed to decipher – and reproduce-the lyrics. It’s an amazing to understand your six months old can recognize the vowels. Vowels are the basic building blocks for speech development. Not only that your six month old work hard to reproduce, and master them by cooing to you.

What can you do? Simple, talk to your baby as much as you can if you are new to this process read. No matter what you do develop that eye contact. Keep in mind to take turns in listening let your baby finish cooing to you show your baby that you are a effective listener. More you talk more words added to your baby’s word bank! The high pitched, singsong speech style knows as Parentese helps your new born to connect objects with words.

What is a window of opportunity? Well answer is with regard to learning language skills are sharpest early on but grows throughout life. Birth through 6 years of age your child is highly sensitive to language. If your household is bilingual perfect why not offer it you newborn. You will be amazed!

I hope this session was useful and informative to you.

Thank you,

Topponcino n More

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Topponcino & Machine Washing…

Why can’t I wash my topponcino in the washer?

Topponcino is a security blanket for your newborn. In other words it is the very first sturdy blanket you offer to your newborn. And you use the topponcino securely to pass your newborn to family members, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, visitors, and extended family. Your new born feels safe in this blanket and the other family members feel confident as well (those who are new around newborns). Your new born feels very much secure in the topponcino/blanket. Your new born is making long lasting memories in the topponcino (for the short period he/she uses the topponcino). Your newborn feels secure in the topponcino to explore the family members using the memories he/she created in the security/topponcino like the familiar smell and perhaps through the muscular memories which was created by in the topponcino. You want to offer this security to your newborn at the very beginning. Scientist calls this memory the kinesthetic memory.
Do you want to wash, this memory away from the topponcino, at the very beginning of your newborns attempt to create his/her initial memory in this new world they encounter. Do you want to aid your newborn adjust to the new environment with minimal disturbance.

How can I take care of the spits, throw up, and accidents that happens?
Spot cleaning is the answer. However keep in mind you can machine wash the covers. In order to minimize these situations it is wise to have two topponcinos and four covers. If not one topponcino with at least 4 covers should be sufficient during this initial stage.

How long should I use the topponcino?
Not for too long, remember as parents you do not need to have the newborn in the topponcino to handle. Your newborn needs your touch to make those memories. Your newborn needs to experience your touch, how it feels, your smell, your voice, and your eye contact is the key to the inner security of your newborn.

Can I use the topponcino on the movement mat?
Answer to this is yes. At the very beginning when you are introducing your newborn to the movement area it is wise to place your newborn on the topponcino. As your newborn get’s comfortable, take the topponcino away. This will allow your newborn to have an easy transition to the movement area.

Can I really wash the topponcino from your shop in the washer?
Absolutely yes, it is made of layers of cotton batting. You can wash it and tumble dry. The topponcino is quiet capable of going through the washer because it is sewn with the reinforcement stitch for durability and to long last. (See the pictures of the topponcino going through the washer and dryer including before and after pictures)

Thank you
Topponcino n More

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Montessori Fabric Ball with a Bell

This is a wonderful Montessori toy for your newborn as well as for your toddler. This ball comes in three sizes small, medium, and large. What is great about this ball? It rolls only a short distance. Ideally that is what you need to offer to your newborn and toddler; mastering different strikes as he/she develops large motor development.

Since the ball travel shorter distance as your little one taps, kicks or throws the sound it produces will invite your toddler to scoot towards the ball. Initial steps towards independence that you have been waiting to offer. The ball will indirectly aid the child to refine his crawling skills. Your toddler will love this fabric ball because it offers so much activity.

I have witness the interactions as a teacher, mom and a provider. It is best to keep an assortment of balls with various textures in a basket for your growing  toddler to explore. This is a great gift for a baby shower. This item can be custom made with your selection of fabrics.

Thank you for stopping by
Topponcino n More

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let’s Talk…

Hello, Welcome to topponcinonmore blog’s Let’s Talk session. I have created these let’s talk sessions to be informative to new moms, second time moms, and finally to all mom’s. I remember when I was young I read many books on how to raise a newborn. Unfortunately I didn’t have my mom to get feedback or to ask basic questions.

I have had my ups and downs, I guess as time goes we all learn with our newborns. Sometimes mothering comes naturally. However it will be helpful to learn the actual facts so you can plug in the resources to develop your baby’s growth at the right time.

This is the goal of the future posts about Let’s talk… If you have concerns and questions I will do the best to answer your questions based on Montessori Pedagogy, My personnel experiences, and from other moms as well.

I will be posting important facts on Wiring Language on Let’s talk post in future. I recommend you to check in regularly.

Thank you
Topponcino n More

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grasping Beads

This is one of the most important tool you can provide to your new born to develop the grasping motion. This beautiful natural wood allows the newborn to grasp the beads initially in an open hand sweeping motion. Once the newborn is aware of the object his tendency to perfect this initial grasp develops naturally.

Once your newborn has perfect this grasp,you will notice your newborn shows an interest to wanted to mouth the beads which is very natural and normal to them. This is a material you can offer to your newborn without any hesitations because it is made out of natural wooden beads.

At this stage you child has learned and mastered grasping and bringing an object to the mouth. This is the main reason why grasping beads are the initial toy/ Montessori material you should offer to your new born.

Care, this can be cleaned in seconds wash them in warm water and let it air dry. If you are into using a mild detergent/soap that you trust you can use them on natural wood as well.

This is also a wonderful baby shower gift to offer for a new mom with a bundle of drool clothes.

Thank you for stopping by

Topponcino n More

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Montessori Topponcino Covers Natural (Linen) Collection

This topponcino cover is made out of 100% natural linen.This fabric is supper soft it can be machine washed in warm water, not chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, cool iron.

Linen is a wonderful natrual fabric add to your newborns layette. This covers can be made without the eyelet.

This listing is for 1 topponcino cover. This cover is made out of prewashed fabric using a mild detergent and Made in the USA.

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Topponcino n More.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Topponcino Covers Natural Collection

This topponcino cover is made out of 100% natural cotton. This is one of the initial steps towards using natural cotton colors for topponcino covers.

Care for this fabric is pretty simple can be machine washed in warm water, not chlorine bleach, tumble dry low, cool iron, and this is a GREAT ECO friendly fabric.

It appears almost as the unbleached muslin but feels softer and pleasing to the eye. This is a lovely color if you are nesting with natural tones.

Thank you for stopping by at Topponcino n More…

Topponcino Covers Flannel Print (Color)

These covers are made with super soft flannel. This is GREAT for winter babies. The lovely tiny polka dots add a cute touch to your basic newborns layette.

This material gets super soft with each wash.

Take look at the beanies for babies so you can give a matching gift or simply e-mail me I would love to do a custom order…

Thank you

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Topponcino Covers Flannel Solid (Color)

I am excited to introduce you to the new flannel solid (color) topponcinos. They are really cute and come in pastel shades. This is a great way to incorporate color into your newborns nursery.

These covers get super soft with each wash. This is a lovely addition to winter layette for your newborn.

Comes in original and plush sizes…

Thank you for visiting Topponcino n More…

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Topponcino Covers Flannel (Original) – white

This is a great alternative to cotton for winter babies. These topponcino covers are made out of white flannel.

This fabric is super soft keep in mind this gets much softer with each washing.
I am getting more organized in categorizing my topponcino covers for easy check outs and hazel free shopping.

As always I would love to hear toy comments and thoughts because I believe in, there is always room for growth.

The original white line is my ultimate favorite.

Keep checking for new covers…
Thank you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Name Changed

I have been selling topponcinos on ETSY for a while. How I started this was as a fun little project instigated by a good friend.

One afternoon while playing on the ETSY site I decide to open a little shop. It started as a small fun project but it is now definitely growing which I am proud of. In the midst of figuring out the site I decided to name my shop as my work sign on key. I know... what was I thinking have no clue.

So the news from ETSY spread recently that we can change the name of our shop.
I was elated with this wonderful news.

As a light bulb went on I decided to streamline everything. I already love the name of this blog “Topponcino n More” from now my little shop on etsy will be “Topponcino n More” yeah…
At last everything represents one name.

Shop policies will remain the same but the name has changed…. and change is good….

You will see the name ASAP on my shop on ETSY.

Thank you,
Topponcino n More

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It is up and running...

Hello to Everyone,

Yes, finally I am making small progress in my new “Topponcino n More” blog. This is more geared towards the shop so you can come here to buy your products and check through

As you can see the side bar widget is finally up and running.
I am planning to add more topponcino covers throughout this year, which is my goal.

I would love to hear from you what you like about this blog and what kind of prints you like to see in my shop.

Thank you,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Under Construction

Thank you for visiting my blog Topponcinos n More. This site is currently under construction however you can make purchases through my ETSY site and I have included my link on the purchase tab.