Monday, December 19, 2011

Introducing Mobiles

I am excited to introduce my first mobile to the ETSY Shop. I wanted to create mobiles from my Montessori training. The must have characteristics of mobiles are they need to have a simple form, objective, realistic, and factual. (The Montessori philosophy believe offering the child correct information of the world)

This is one of the mobiles in the training I had joy in making. Mainly I like it the child gets to revisit this concept in (3-6) environment through the color tablets. The main goal of this mobile is to offer the shades of color to your newborn.

This mobile is named GOBBI and it is made by hand using embroidery floss. It’s subtle sheen adds a warmth to your newborns movement area and the gradation of the colors are very pleasing to adults and as well as to newborns eye. This can be custom made to your nursery color scheme. Below are few common questions that rises up when offering a mobile to an infant.

When should I offer a mobile to my newborn?
Ideally when your newborn is around 2-3 months.

Where can hang it?
If you have create a movement area for your newborn it is the correct place to hang the mobiles. You can insert a hook to the ceiling and have a fishing line hang off of it with another small hook so you can interchange the mobiles with convenience. When not in use move it out of the way. This can be achieved by hanging another smaller hook on the wall if you wish.

How far from the newborn I should hang the mobile?
Since this is a visual mobile, should be hung not very far from the newborn. Not farther than 12-13 cm.

Do I need to change them?
The more stimulation you offer to your newborn the better but in small quantities. Keep it simple to grasp the theory to your newborn.

When should I wean a mobile from the nursery?
Let your newborn guide through this, Your newborn will let you know as they acquire new skills. Observation is a key factor at this point.

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