Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Topponcino & Machine Washing…

Why can’t I wash my topponcino in the washer?

Topponcino is a security blanket for your newborn. In other words it is the very first sturdy blanket you offer to your newborn. And you use the topponcino securely to pass your newborn to family members, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, visitors, and extended family. Your new born feels safe in this blanket and the other family members feel confident as well (those who are new around newborns). Your new born feels very much secure in the topponcino/blanket. Your new born is making long lasting memories in the topponcino (for the short period he/she uses the topponcino). Your newborn feels secure in the topponcino to explore the family members using the memories he/she created in the security/topponcino like the familiar smell and perhaps through the muscular memories which was created by in the topponcino. You want to offer this security to your newborn at the very beginning. Scientist calls this memory the kinesthetic memory.
Do you want to wash, this memory away from the topponcino, at the very beginning of your newborns attempt to create his/her initial memory in this new world they encounter. Do you want to aid your newborn adjust to the new environment with minimal disturbance.

How can I take care of the spits, throw up, and accidents that happens?
Spot cleaning is the answer. However keep in mind you can machine wash the covers. In order to minimize these situations it is wise to have two topponcinos and four covers. If not one topponcino with at least 4 covers should be sufficient during this initial stage.

How long should I use the topponcino?
Not for too long, remember as parents you do not need to have the newborn in the topponcino to handle. Your newborn needs your touch to make those memories. Your newborn needs to experience your touch, how it feels, your smell, your voice, and your eye contact is the key to the inner security of your newborn.

Can I use the topponcino on the movement mat?
Answer to this is yes. At the very beginning when you are introducing your newborn to the movement area it is wise to place your newborn on the topponcino. As your newborn get’s comfortable, take the topponcino away. This will allow your newborn to have an easy transition to the movement area.

Can I really wash the topponcino from your shop in the washer?
Absolutely yes, it is made of layers of cotton batting. You can wash it and tumble dry. The topponcino is quiet capable of going through the washer because it is sewn with the reinforcement stitch for durability and to long last. (See the pictures of the topponcino going through the washer and dryer including before and after pictures)

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