Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Montessori Fabric Ball with a Bell

This is a wonderful Montessori toy for your newborn as well as for your toddler. This ball comes in three sizes small, medium, and large. What is great about this ball? It rolls only a short distance. Ideally that is what you need to offer to your newborn and toddler; mastering different strikes as he/she develops large motor development.

Since the ball travel shorter distance as your little one taps, kicks or throws the sound it produces will invite your toddler to scoot towards the ball. Initial steps towards independence that you have been waiting to offer. The ball will indirectly aid the child to refine his crawling skills. Your toddler will love this fabric ball because it offers so much activity.

I have witness the interactions as a teacher, mom and a provider. It is best to keep an assortment of balls with various textures in a basket for your growing  toddler to explore. This is a great gift for a baby shower. This item can be custom made with your selection of fabrics.

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