Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let’s Talk…

Hello, Welcome to topponcinonmore blog’s Let’s Talk session. I have created these let’s talk sessions to be informative to new moms, second time moms, and finally to all mom’s. I remember when I was young I read many books on how to raise a newborn. Unfortunately I didn’t have my mom to get feedback or to ask basic questions.

I have had my ups and downs, I guess as time goes we all learn with our newborns. Sometimes mothering comes naturally. However it will be helpful to learn the actual facts so you can plug in the resources to develop your baby’s growth at the right time.

This is the goal of the future posts about Let’s talk… If you have concerns and questions I will do the best to answer your questions based on Montessori Pedagogy, My personnel experiences, and from other moms as well.

I will be posting important facts on Wiring Language on Let’s talk post in future. I recommend you to check in regularly.

Thank you
Topponcino n More

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