Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grasping Beads

This is one of the most important tool you can provide to your new born to develop the grasping motion. This beautiful natural wood allows the newborn to grasp the beads initially in an open hand sweeping motion. Once the newborn is aware of the object his tendency to perfect this initial grasp develops naturally.

Once your newborn has perfect this grasp,you will notice your newborn shows an interest to wanted to mouth the beads which is very natural and normal to them. This is a material you can offer to your newborn without any hesitations because it is made out of natural wooden beads.

At this stage you child has learned and mastered grasping and bringing an object to the mouth. This is the main reason why grasping beads are the initial toy/ Montessori material you should offer to your new born.

Care, this can be cleaned in seconds wash them in warm water and let it air dry. If you are into using a mild detergent/soap that you trust you can use them on natural wood as well.

This is also a wonderful baby shower gift to offer for a new mom with a bundle of drool clothes.

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