Saturday, May 3, 2014

Topponcino Spring Collection 2014

After working for couple of years in my shop, I understood I need to create a basic collection. However, my basic collection is still taking shape. I am always thinking and creating whenever I get a chance.

In the same manner, I got tired of creating with the same color pallet. I wanted to create something fun, and I could not think a season other than spring!

This is a fun collection that ease into summer with two flannel covers and one 100% cotton cover. This is for three covers and it includes pipping and novelty fabric! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Topponcino Original - Wool

Yes, finally we did it!

Thank you for a great mind behind the scene in making this new Topponcino. It was a great experience making this wonderful new Topponcino. I Love this product because it is light weight, yet is offers a great comfort, security, connection to the newborn, and the person who is holding the newborn. 

We kept the dimensions to the same as the original it was a bit complicated getting all the layers but once you start working with the material it is very comforting. I might consider making few toys from the snips, a great way to use what is left again it would offer a great satisfaction to offer a toy to a newborn who is allergic to cotton. 

I sincerely wanted to thank every one who helped me to bring this product to my store. Including my family and friends!

Perhaps, this summer is the time to explore this new material!

Thank you for visiting Topponcino n More!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Working - Stocking

I have spent more than decade listening to this word stocking in my household, but this word has a total different meaning to me now as a shop owner. I am the stocker in my shop. I can pick my hours  to stock my store. 

Over the past three years I have learned the art of stocking a small shop which I have created. Intially, I bought few yards, then couple of more yards, and currently I am buying fabric in bolts due to the demand. I am greatful for my customers. 

All these bolts are waiting to be cut and sew into topponcino covers. I will be spending every break I get to stock the store. 

Planning to continuing same colors with regard to flannels.   This spring I am plannig to introduc a new color, but without the eyelet (lace around the cover). I am excited about this new cover it is still in its primary stage. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gobbi with a Spin on Munari...


This is the Gobbi mobile with a twist of Munari mobile. I always wanted to make the Munari mobile and this idea came to me that I want to make  the Gobbi mobile by incorporating the Munari. This is the birth to a sequel of Munaries. 

The best satisfaction I got making this was a mother from Australia ordered this item, and out of curiosity I reached out to her, and inquired what her thought about this new product.  

She did answer me back, and that answer aided me to explore more on this idea of incorperating the colors of Munari into the Gobbi Mobile.

The mom wrote to me, and explained that her daughter enjoys the mobile very much. However, there was more to this story, and it was clear that her daughter had a problem with her sight but enjoys the mobile a lot. The bright colors did atracted her and she continued to track the mobile with interest and would smiles a lot. 

I was happy, I was able to aid a new born with a challenge, but for sure I know this is going to be a great mobile for newborns. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wooden Ring on a Linen Strip

This is a grasping Toy for newborns. This could be hung above the movement mat for easy grasping for your newborn. The neat thing about this toy is you can store the ring after it has been used by your newborn. This comes in a neat linen cloth bag. 

This adds so much activity to your newborn. Hang this toy when only your newborn is active on the movement mat and awake. Hang it close so your little once can reach and GRASP!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making a Topponcino...

There is a fair amount of work goes into making a topponcino. First of all they are mostly handmade. One topponcino at a time and then it is same with making covers. 
It takes most of the time to attach the eyelet and then sewing the layers together. 
The FUN part of this process is I still get very excited when I finish making a cover because I know I am welcoming a brand new baby into this world with each cover. I will be so excited, I guess when I reach that magic number one day which will be 1000 covers all made and done by me with LOVE.

What I am attempting here, is to inform Topponcino n  More customers that when they place an order please try to order the covers at the same time this saves time for the customer by getting the topponcino and the covers at the same time. Of course, if the customer add my store items to her/his wish list things could change as friends and family place the orders at different times. 

It is also wise to order these items, if possible a little earlier without waiting for the last minute to do the purchases. If you are customer placing this order to your friend or a family member it a good idea to get the items to the mom/ parent to be a little earlier if she/he decide to wash the covers prior to the arrival of the bundle of joy!

If the new baby have siblings, young siblings it better to have the topponcino prior to the arrival for some practice how to hold the baby on the topponcino. 

No matter what your situation my priority is to have the Topponcino ASAP available to you. 

I truly thank you for your business and ALWAYS GRATEFUL for retuning customers!
I take so much joy and pride welcoming newborns by making one topponcino at a time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Soft Baby Rattles

This is a soft baby rattle made with natural linen and cotton printed fabric. Ideally made for babies who are developing the palmer grasp! This rattles has a small bell inserted to make a soft sound when shaking in the air while holding and babies LOVE that. 

Curiosity will leads to exercise the hands and to develop the palmer grasp. This is made with linen and can be toss with your laundry. To ensure its long life I would recommend you to run it in a gentle cycle. 

The bright cotton fabric will add a flair to your rattle collection. This is a very simple toy to help develop your littleones curiosity. 

Thank you

Topponcino n More