Thursday, April 24, 2014

Topponcino Original - Wool

Yes, finally we did it!

Thank you for a great mind behind the scene in making this new Topponcino. It was a great experience making this wonderful new Topponcino. I Love this product because it is light weight, yet is offers a great comfort, security, connection to the newborn, and the person who is holding the newborn. 

We kept the dimensions to the same as the original it was a bit complicated getting all the layers but once you start working with the material it is very comforting. I might consider making few toys from the snips, a great way to use what is left again it would offer a great satisfaction to offer a toy to a newborn who is allergic to cotton. 

I sincerely wanted to thank every one who helped me to bring this product to my store. Including my family and friends!

Perhaps, this summer is the time to explore this new material!

Thank you for visiting Topponcino n More!

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