Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Today I want to discuss an important topic which is language development and your newborn. Wiring of language happens before the process of birth. There have been so many researches performed on this fact. Check here

Before birth your infant can tune in to your melody of voice. And over the next six years your infants brain will set up circuitry needed to decipher – and reproduce-the lyrics. It’s an amazing to understand your six months old can recognize the vowels. Vowels are the basic building blocks for speech development. Not only that your six month old work hard to reproduce, and master them by cooing to you.

What can you do? Simple, talk to your baby as much as you can if you are new to this process read. No matter what you do develop that eye contact. Keep in mind to take turns in listening let your baby finish cooing to you show your baby that you are a effective listener. More you talk more words added to your baby’s word bank! The high pitched, singsong speech style knows as Parentese helps your new born to connect objects with words.

What is a window of opportunity? Well answer is with regard to learning language skills are sharpest early on but grows throughout life. Birth through 6 years of age your child is highly sensitive to language. If your household is bilingual perfect why not offer it you newborn. You will be amazed!

I hope this session was useful and informative to you.

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