Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Name Changed

I have been selling topponcinos on ETSY for a while. How I started this was as a fun little project instigated by a good friend.

One afternoon while playing on the ETSY site I decide to open a little shop. It started as a small fun project but it is now definitely growing which I am proud of. In the midst of figuring out the site I decided to name my shop as my work sign on key. I know... what was I thinking have no clue.

So the news from ETSY spread recently that we can change the name of our shop.
I was elated with this wonderful news.

As a light bulb went on I decided to streamline everything. I already love the name of this blog “Topponcino n More” from now my little shop on etsy will be “Topponcino n More” yeah…
At last everything represents one name.

Shop policies will remain the same but the name has changed…. and change is good….

You will see the name ASAP on my shop on ETSY.

Thank you,
Topponcino n More

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