Monday, May 14, 2012

100 Up!

This all started when my lovely daughter Nicolette was born. I was happy to stay home to take care of her. I did everything possible with Montessori. When I was talking to the community mothers I understood that many people did not know about Montessori or the products. 

When they saw my daughter was playing with the beads some ask where did you get these. I simply told them I made these by myself and not only that one afternoon I showed them how to make it as well. 

Few suggested that I should sell them. I was pondering on this idea but did not know how to do it. Very close friend suggested to why do’t you look into ETSY. 

Well with that word grew a whole new PROSPECT! I took pictures of the topponcino my daughter used and the covers I used for my daughter. 

If you look closely you can see the wrinkles. I did not have the heart to change my original pictures yet. Even though I have added many for my shop. 

Well, I have completed 100 SALES at this point and I am truly thankful to my CUSTOMERS you made it possible for me to do this. It is a huge accomplishment for me. 
Thank you!
Topponcino n More.
Sharmila Dabare

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