Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to choose a bib?

Why it is necessary to use bibs? One it will reduce the amount of time you need to change your newborn's outfit each time you feed from spits and spills as a new mother.

When should I use bibs? From birth onwards each time you feed the baby. So you get the hang of using a bib. Your newborn will calm or sooth him/herself me knowing that you are gathering the bib/putting the bib on him/her with meal time. 

Did the size matter? Yes, start with newborn bibs which is smaller but has a super absorbency strength. Depending your newborn. IF your newborn is spitting a lot better to have a high absorbency material. As the baby gets older you need to have a bigger bib to cover the upper torso. 

Can a bibs help to understand your toddlers eating habits? Yes, if your toddler is done he/she may take the  bib off to indicate he/she does not want to eat more. Take this cue seriously. 

How can I help my toddler playing with the bib? This is perhaps your first learning curve in other words understanding your demanding toddler. Listen and make sure when he/she says that he/she is not interested in food it is gone until next meal time. making communication clear and setting grind limits early on. 

What to look for a bib? Super absorbency, easy to put on and take off may be with some control for parents who like to have that control, super coverage/protection for undergarments, and finally for toddlers may be a conversational subject. 

Lastly enjoy your meal time with your newborn and toddler. 

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